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I will paint you a picture of the Harlot and her future.

The Woman is religion that claims there is one God in Heaven but lives like He is deaf, dumb, and blind.

These may attend Sunday School for various reasons, but that does not mean that they attend to learn any absolute truths from God.

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There is even the rumor that Pope Francis will call for a Nicene Council in 2025 to establish a new Christian Orthodoxy for the 21st century.

Whatever would emerge from such a council, with the beliefs of our religious leaders today, aptly might be called the blood covenant of the Harlot.

They follow teachings of religious men, but do not follow the teachings of God.

They do not even know what God said, because they show little interest in learning the Bible at all.

Thus, they should have more biblical discernment than most others.

Has Christian discernment improved any in the American Baptist camp with the present lawless administration that many Baptists helped vote into power twice? And, if there is little discernment with “the people of the book”, what hope is there for any Christian discernment in more liberal denominations?

I will just name a few still making their rounds in Christendom: Not to mention, that some popular “Christian” books are extremely presumptuous and/or use unacceptable psychologies, worldly worldviews, or strange unorthodox exegesis.

It seems that many, if not most, of the more popular authors in Christendom write some heresy these days.

The claim was treated with some disdain in online chatrooms focusing on biblical knowledge with most contributors suggesting the claim was made up to boost Rihab's tourist status.

There is no clear holder of the title of oldest Christian church with various sites claiming the title without definitive evidence.

Back before World War II, the record shows that one-third of Baptists voted that they believed that Hitler was a born again Christian because he claimed to be one.

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