Dating a co workers ex

You could spend your life heeding advice from Reddit and making safe choices OR you could do what we both know you really want to do.I'd sneakily ask a bro in your office regarding the company policy.

As long as you are both reasonable and mature people, there shouldn't be any issues.

Don't go and fuck her sister or call her a slut in a meeting and you should be fine.

Some places don't actually care, but have the policy for legal reasons.

I would ask her for her number and then text her to ask her out after work.

Unless this girl is the girl of your dreams and you're willing to lose your job for her, it's just not worth it.

A friend of mine was dating a co-worker, and it turned out she was crazy and went to HR and made up some shit about him sexually harassing her in the workplace. She seems pretty down to earth, but who knows how she will take being asked out. Lets just say that after I asked her out it turned weird and I still had to work with her.

Don't get your sugar and your bread at the same store.

Don't get your honey where you get your money Don't fish off the company pier.

Plus I don't plan on mentioning it to any coworkers if we were to end up dating. But if you think it's worth the risk, go for it. If you're at a big company where you can get space and work on differnet stuff it's fine, but if you are going to be stuck working togethor if things go south then don't do it.

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