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Sifers Link Social Support Provisions as Differential Predicators of Adaptive Outcomes in Young Adolescents, Jared S. Sifers Sol-Gel Synthesis, X-Ray Diffraction Studies and Electric Conductivity of Sodium Europium Silicate, Ekaterina V. Santrock, Daniel Houlihan Study of Touch Gesture Performance by Four and Five Year-Old Children: Point-and-Touch, Drag-and-Drop, Zoom-in and Zoom-out, and Rotate, Zainab Hamza Link Subjective Effects of Salvia Divinorum: LSD- or Marijuana-like? Waskul Link Symbolic Politics and the Prediction of Attitudes Toward Federal Regulation of Reduced-Exposure Tobacco Products, Anita Kim, Emily Stark, and Eugene Borgida Symptom Severity, Treatment Acceptability, and Motivational Predictors Related to Patient Improvement for Insomnia, Shelby Marie Afflerbach Synthesis, characterization and electrical properties of Pb(8-x)Na2Ndx(Vo4)6O(x/2) solid solutions, Eugeni I. Fee Tootling: Increasing Prosocial Behaviors in Elementary Settings, Paula Fischbach Top Reasons Construction Companies Fail, Reid Roemhildt and Derek Grams To Share or Not to Share: The Impact of Disclosing Sexuality on Instructor Communication Apprehension, Instructional Effectiveness, and Student Relationships, Justin J. Levine Link Treatment of a Boy's School Phobia with in vivo Systematic Desensitization, Daniel Houlihan and Robert N.

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Waskul and Phillip Vannini Investigation into the Usability of Micromechanical Models to Predict the Behavior of a Nanocomposite Polymer, Jason Handlogten Link Is Elderspeak Appropriate? Methylphenidate in Laboratory and Natual Settings, William E. Kostic Opinions and Perceptions Surrounding Cognitive Enhancer Use in a College Population, Benjamin Ardner Opinions on Abortion: MSU Student Definitions of Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, and How They Identify, Audrey Brickley Optimization of Nucleic Acid Staining For Accurate Determination of Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis Viability by Flow Cytometry, Dylan Eaton Optimization of Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Parameters for Selective Removal of MOSFET Gate Dielectric and Evaluation of its Physical and Electrical Properties, Hojoon Lee and Samuel Wood Optimization of the Presence of an Actin Capping Protein Transgene in Genetically Modified Mice, Tyler Koonst Optimizing Purification and Quantitative Detection of Avidin and Lysozyme, Tatiana Soboleva and Ryan Colakovic Link Organizational and Occupational Embeddedness of Federal Law Enforcement Personnel, Ashley E. Hanson Link Predictors of Employee Resistance to Supervisors' Requests, Daniel Sachau, Daniel Houlihan, and Tanya Gilbertson Link Predictors of Peer Helpfulness: Implications for Youth in Residential Treatment, James Vincent, Daniel Houlihan, and Patricia Mitchell Premarital Sexuality among Young People in Eighteenth-Century France, Tatiana Soboleva Pre-Service Teacher Preparation Related to Classroom Management Techniques, Karley Weir Link Preventing Excess Disability in Dementia Care, Debra W. Fisher, Jeffrey Buchanan, and Valerie Luevano Problems in Historiography: The Americanization of German Ethnics, Bradley Jake Hustad Process, Progress, Tyler Schrandt Process, Progress, Tyler Schrandt Link Producing a Radio Show about Psychological Science: The Story of Psychological Frontiers, Emily Stark, Daniel Sachau, and Dawn N. Seiler Link Recognizing and Treating Rett Syndrome in Schools, Megan Wanzek, William R. Ardanova Synthesis, Crystal Structure Refinement, and Electrical Conductivity of Pb(8−x)Na2Smx(VO4)6O(x/2), Tatiana M. Ecker Link The Back Pack Food Program's Effects on U. Elementary Students' Hunger and On-task Behavior, Meghan E. Sifers The Basis of Self and Other in Gender Constructed Identity, Julie L.

: A Survey of Certified Nursing Assistants, Nathaniel Joseph Lombardi, Jeffrey Buchanan, Shelby Marie Afflerbach, Kristie L. Pelham On Sign-Solvable Linear Systems and their Applications in Economics, Eric Hanson Link On the Use of Wireless Response Systems in Experimental Psychology: Implications for the Behavioral Researcher, Moses M. Johnson, Daniel Sachau, and David Englert Organizational Wellness Programs: Who Participates and Does it Help? Woods Precious Commodities, Colin John Klimesh Link Predictors of Behavior and Level of Life Satisfaction of Children and Adolescents After a Major Tornado, Daniel Houlihan, Barry J. Albertson Promoting Undergraduate Research in Minnesota: A Luoma Leadership Academy Project, Jason A. Langley Recognition of and Attitudes Toward, Intimate Partner Violence Among Sampled University Students, Samantha Maureen Wobschall Link Recognition without Picture Identification: Geons as Components of the Pictorial Memory Trace, Anne M. Jenson, and Daniel Houlihan Refugee and Immigrant Services: An Investigation of Social Service Organization's Mission and Intercultural Interactions, Bethany J. Filter Search for the Causative Organism of Waterfowl Deaths at Lake Onalaska, Derek Skillings Link Secondary Traumatic Stress and Burnout among Law Enforcement Investigators Exposed to Disturbing Media Images, Lisa M. Ponurovsky Standardized Care of the Late Preterm Infant in Upper Midwest Hospitals, MIchelle Susanne Foy Link Starting a Psychology Laboratory at a Community College, Jason A. Lemley Link The Behavioral Treatment of a Young Adult with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a Phobia of Children, Cynthia Schwartz, Daniel Houlihan, Kelli F. Simon The Effectiveness Of An Incentivized Program To Increase Daily Fruit And Vegetable Dietary Intake By Low Income, Middle-Aged Women, Rebecca White The Effect of Artificial Sweeteners on Overeating and Weight Gain, Christopher Collins, Samantha List, Ivy Hakala, and Shelby Johnson The Effect of Artificial Sweeteners on the Expression of micro RNAs in Rat Kidneys, Natalie Young The Effect of Bisphenol A (BPA) on the Expression of Aromatase B, Sara Sobota The Effect of Single Women and the Early Modern Economy, Bridget Heussler The Effect of Steroid Hormones on Brain Regions in the Green Anole Lizard, Brian Gilbert, Patrick Connolly, and Steven Gilbert The Effects of Amount of Contact, Relationship Quality, and Types of Activities on Child Social and Emotional Functioning in a Youth Mentoring Program, Dorothy Maria Lipski Link The Effects of Censored and Uncensored Sexually Explicit Music on Sexual Attitudes and Perceptions of Sexual Activity, Eric L. End The Function of Desire in the Legends of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Kimberly Anne Aaron Link The Generalized Control of Excessive Behaviors, Robert N. Mc Donnell, and Daniel Houlihan Link The Good Behavior Game: A Classroom-Behavior Intervention Effective Across Cultures, Julene Douty Nolan, Daniel Houlihan, Megan Wanzek, and William R. Dahlke, and Daniel Sachau The Puzzle of Paradoxical Insomnia, Kristina Peltz Link The Rapid Treatment of a Young Man's Balloon (Noise) Phobia Using In Vivo Flooding, Daniel Houlihan, Cynthia Schwartz, Raymond G.

, Kristen Paulsen and Katie Westermayer A Bibliometric Analysis of the School Psychology International Journal, Kristen Paulsen and Katie Westermayer Link A Birdie in the Hand: Asymmetry in Golf Risk Preferences, Daniel Sachau, Luke Simmering, and Max Adler Link Abnormal Psychology, Sarah K. Lassiter, and Ashley Kuemper Link A Brief Primer on Filial Therapy [Review of the book Filial Therapy: Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships Through Play], Sarah K. Lenz, and Jeffrey Buchanan Link A Comparison of Noncontingent Plus Contingent Reinforcement to Contingent Reinforcement Along on Students' Academic Performance, Carlos J. Martens A Comparison of the Effectiveness of a Token Economy System, a Response Cost Condition, and a Combination Condition in Reducing Problem Behaviors and Increasing Student Academic Engagement and Performance in Two First Grade Classrooms, Britta Leigh Fiksdal Addicted Youth: The Understanding Of Smoking-Related Health Risks In Female College Students, Rebekah Agnes Ann Morris Link Addressing Mathematics Computation Problems: A Review of Simple and Moderate Intensity Interventions, Robin S. Kaufman Analysis of Lipoxygenase 9 and 10 in Soybean Root by Q-PCR, Robera Yahya Analysis of the Genetic Structure of Bithynia tentaculata Snail Populations in Wisconsin and Minnesota, Sarah J. Homan Link An Examination of Response Covariation in the Behavioral Treatment of Identical Twin Boys with Multiple Behavioral Disorders, Todd A.

Sifers A Burkian Pentadic Analysis of MSU Riot Narratives, Joseph Mohrfeld Academic Media Center Collection Development and Circulation Policies: A Comparative Analysis, Mary S. Bergman Access to EMS Services and Training, Knowledge, and Perceptions Related to First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Skills Among College Students, Feifei Sun Link A Comparison of Covert and Videotape Modeling Strategies for Training Complex Mechanical Assembly Tasks, Peter J. Whalen Analyzing the Effects of Isovaleraldehyde and Cuminaldehyde on DNA, Jenna Bowman An Application of a High-P Low-P Procedure to Improve Recall Memory in Elderly Patients with Mild to Moderate Cognitive Impairment, Dawn Amber Seefeldt Link An Assessment of Membership Benefits in the Al-Anon Program, Lee A. Soutor, Daniel Houlihan, and April Young An Investigation into the Effect of Power on Entrepreneurial Motivations, Jack Reed Durand An Investigation into the Level of Knowledge and Attitude Toward Science in an American College Population, Emilee Shaw An Investigation of Student Perspectives on Classroom Resource Usefulness, Joshua Randall and Lindsey Thompson An Investigation of the Neural Correlates of Attention and Effector Switching Using ERPs, Robert West, Kira Bailey, and Moses M.

Waskul and Mark Douglass Link Cybersex: Outercourse and the Enselfment of the Body, Dennis D. Nude 'Rate Me' Websites and Gendered Looking Glasses, Dennis D. Fiksdal, Daniel Houlihan, and Jeffrey Buchanan Improving Students' Self-Efficacy in a Psychology Research Methods Course: An Enactive Mastery Experiences Approach, Maria Almoite, Zoe Martin, Monica Gee, and Jared Goelz In-Depth Analysis and Program Notes on a Selection of Wind Band Music, Benjamin James Druffel Link Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Community Service Involvement: Students Helping Locally, Kristie L. Waskul Morphological Analysis of Chemical Elements in Fish Scales, Ethan Nichols, Natacha Tasha, and Henruka Abugre Morphological and Molecular Barcode Characteristics of Parasites from Family Strigeidae Collected from Lake Winnibigoshish, Rachael Yates Swedberg and Yuko Nakamura MSU Xtreme: Minnesota State University, Mankato's Entry into the "Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2001", Scott Betcher, Allen Caldwell, Nathan Lindeman, Brian Mandelkow, Dave Maniak, Randy Rohlf, James Skuya, Dennis Swanson, Aaron Wolff, Mark Brandl, Dan Dobesh, Ryan Erickson, Jeff Gillen, Jan Smith, and Jason Wilkie Link Mundane Life in a Media Age, J. Waskul Musical Aptitude and Tonal Languages, Laura Berg "My Baby is a Dog": Exploration of Pet Parent Identity, Lacey Y. , Sally Anne Mc Shane Link Teachers' Commands and their Role in Preschool Classrooms, Kathy M. Waskul Link Termination of Psychotherapy with Older Adults, Jeffrey Buchanan, Anne Bonsall-Hoekstra, and John L.

Waskul, Mark Douglass, and Charles Edgley Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Carter Person Defining Traditional American Indian Identity through Anishinaabe Cultural Perspective, Joshua Edward Maudrie Degradation of Aquatic Pollutants via Photoproduced Reactive Intermediates: Investigation of Factors that Determine which Reactive Intermediates are Produced, Abdikadir Mohamed Link Dementia, Jane E. Using the Classroom to Model Real-World Work Experiences, Kristie L. Peterson Do Brands Targeting Women Use "Instamarketing" Differently: A Content Analysis, Areej Hassan Documentation of Peripheral Intravenous Insertion Sites in the Hospital Medical Record, Allison Mumbleau Effects of Brownian Motion on the Millikan Oil Drop Experiment, Eric Ehler and Aaron Hanson Effects of Incentives and the Big Five Personality Dimensions on Internet Panellists' Ratings, Andrea J. Waskul and Cheryl Radeloff How To Improve Theatre Arts Education In Chinese Higher Educational Institutes, Ji Ding How to Purchase an Existing Construction Company, James Besonen and Nicholas Miller How to Succeed at an Internship, Samuel Putrah Hydrogen Investigation, Cortney Le Neave, Jeffrey Allen, and Andrew Dunlay Identifying Patient's Reasons or Rationales for Choosing to Skip or Shorten Hemodialysis, Linda Marie Lindberg Link Identifying Preferences in Persons with Dementia: Systematic Preference Testing vs. Campana Intercultural Competence: A Journey To Understanding And Assessing, Conducted By The Intercultural Development Inventory, Nicole Ryks Interdisciplinary Experimentation, Ashton Bird and Dustin Swiers Interdisciplinary Experimentation, Ashton Bird and Dustin Swiers International and Cross-Cultural Application of the Good Behavior Game, Julene Douty Nolan Link International Students' Use of a Library's Media Collection, Jessica Schomberg and Barbara J. Boston Link My Boyfriend Loves it When I Come Home from this Class': Pedagogy, Titillation, and New Media Technologies, Dennis D. Rodman Test Bank and Instructors Manual: Text and Computer Version to Accompany Kimmel & Weiner (1994) Adolescence: A Developmental Transition, Daniel Houlihan Test Bank for Mastering the World of Psychology, Wood, Wood, & Boyd, Daniel Houlihan Test Bank for World of Psychology, Wood, Wood, & Barasch (5th edition), Daniel Houlihan Testing the Fertility and Allelopathic Abilities of Arctotheca prostrata (Salisb.) Britten (Asteraceae, Arctotideae), a South African Plant Species that has Naturalized in California, Jordy Veit Link The Abject Embodiment of Cancer Patients: Dignity, Selfhood, and the Grotesque Body, Dennis D.

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A Bibliometric Analysis of School Psychology International 2008-2013: What is the Prevalence of International Affairs in the Field of School Psychology? Costello A Brief Examination of Predictors of E-Learning Success for Novice and Expert Learners, Emily Stark, Andrea L. Benson A Functional Analysis of Elderspeak Use by Certified Nursing Assistants in Caregiving Situations, Nathaniel Joseph Lombardi Link A Group Contingency Program to Improve the Behavior of Elementary Students in a Cafeteria, Gregory A. Kaufman, Daniel Eckstein, and David Sarnoff All Things in All Ways, Amanda Nicole Crary Alternative Procedure of Estimating the 3-Min All Out Exercise Test on a Computrainer, Jade Williams A Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Bone Remodeling Control Mechanism, Sobyuk Son, Sangil Yi, Jooyoung Lee, Youna Lee, and Anna Kang A Multi-Method Approach to Risk Assessment among Women with Sexual Abuse Histories, Susan Elizabeth Drevo Link A Multimodal Approach to Identity: Theorizing the Self though Embodiment, Spatiality, and Temporality, Sachi Sekimoto An Actor on the Line: Becoming Judy Turner in A Chorus Line, Morgan Mallory An Adlerian Perspective on Guided Visual Imagery for Stress and Coping, Jason A. Sifers A New Look at Nonprofit Online Fundraising: Persuasion through the Means of Credibility and Psychological Consistency, Kaytlin Le Mier An Examination of Behavioral Momentum in Girls' High School Volleyball, Joseph Wanzek, Daniel Houlihan, and Kendra J.

Sifers, and Yo Jackson A Study of Turkish and English Refusal Speech Acts with a Secondary Examination for Bi-Directional Language Transferrals, Morgan Jerome Moody Link A Survey of Rewards for Use with Teenage Children, Daniel Houlihan, Vernon C.

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