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During the course of the morning hours the fog lifts range by range so by the time she is done with coffee the mountains ranges are visible. Cody loves the deck also, he likes the feeling of being in the trees.

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Egypt’s ancient culture is one of the most popular and well-preserved in the world, and it is one of the most visited tourist destinations due to the pyramids and the wealth of historical antiquities found there.

In addition, there are thousands of Egyptian artifacts on display in museums across the world, which have been seen by millions.

There is a large open kitchen to cook and entertain in.

There is a deck on each floor which we love and the deck on the main floor wraps around allowing you to take in the view from the back while relaxing in the rocking chairs or while soaking in the hot tub. We have a pool table, air hockey table, darts and an old school arcade system. She loves to wake up, make her coffee and sit on the deck taking in the morning views and watch the Smoky Mountains reveal themselves.

From the second you walk in the front door you can see the view through the large glass doors in the back.

We love the rustic feel of the authentic log cabin and the open concept of the main floor.

' BEAR-LY MADE IT' the Amazing View Cabin!

Our cabin is perfectly tucked away in the tree tops of the Smoky Mountains!!!

But for the average layperson trying to understand Egyptian history, it is often a case of ‘Where do I start? ’ There are so many names, dynasties and dates bandied around with seeming authority that it is a confusing topic to investigate.

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