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Being polite is always a good impression management strategy. Take the initiative to start up a conversation with a stranger, to ask a good question, or to aid someone in distress.In addition, it is important to stand up for principles that you believe in, particularly in positions of leadership. There is a wealth of research that supports the importance of positive affect in making good impressions.It is very important, however, to have a sense of self -- Who are you? We need to think about the consequences of our statements and our actions. Nothing creates a negative impression faster than an inappropriate emotional outburst.

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if you do not reconsider your actions today we will be forced to reconfigure your environment.

Man with important title says "i dress better then you, and have a shiny car" .....

Together these findings call for additional feedback mechanisms in the design of online dating systems to inform users about their conveyed impressions.

IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT AND FORMATION IN ONLINE DATING SYSTEMS Online dating systems are used by millions of people every year to find a romantic partner, yet many of these users report feeling frustrated by the online dating process.

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I have an 'online' profile and photograph(s) that I wish to have analysed (detailed analysis and management of profile impression, what people see, what is good, no good, and reasons why, suggestions for improvement, and reasons for suggested improvements).

Managing impressions are definitely important and can be the defining point of someone having the friends they’ve always wanted it to staying in the shadows.

Impression management is a conscious or subconscious process in which people attempt to influence the perceptions of other people about a person, object or event.

We need to monitor and control how we appear to others, but we also want to be straightforward and “authentic.” Here are some guidelines for how to manage the impression you make on others in an authentic way: 1. Self-awareness is critically important in successful impression management and in being an authentic person. We need to engage our brains when interacting with others.

Sociologist Erving Goffman proposed a “dramaturgical theory” that stated that we are actually just a conglomeration of the different roles that we play. – to avoid becoming just a “social chameleon” who simply tries to fit in and go along with the crowd. We must be effective listeners, trying to understand others’ points of view.

Negative affect – anger, irritation, disgust – should always be displayed carefully and strategically. There are a range of social rules , or “norms” that tell us how we should behave in various social situations.

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