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At first, girls in Bali might look a bit shy and isn’t clear which is up for paid or free sex. I had more free sex in Indonesia than other South East Asian countries.

There are many local girls (with a day job) which are happy to meet you and engage in some sort of loving affair.

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It’s a wonderful feeling to have a companion genuinely interested in you during your holiday.

Besides making love (no sex), you can have a conversation with her, feel connected and share your experiences together.

Not only that, but it’s costlier to pay for your and their drinks, while the result isn’t guaranteed.

But if that is your thing, here a list of the best spot to pick freelancers, party girls and whatever between. Despite the fact that Bali girls might cost you a little more money than Indonesian girls found elsewhere in the country, you won’t regret it.

I used to hit the usual nightlife areas where tourists pick up girls… Other guys were younger, more attractive and confident to approach women having an upper hand on me.

Not every man can walk in a place alone and confidently approach women.

~ Sanur; if you are looking for short time, Sanur is the place for you.

Plenty of hookers are waiting for customers inside the houses.

So, I recommend chatting daily until you build comfort and trust between you and the girls.

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