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Of the 1,127 wells in this sample, 87 or 7.7% had no third month production.

The only way it could happen I guess would be if someone is called "the 3rd" but that can easily be written as "the third".



Unfortunately, many people code their form tags so that the tag's parameter takes the user to another page that processes the data.

Many PHP programmers resort to client-side validation using Java Script.

Com a contrapartida, es modifica el règim de les hores complementàries.

Podran realitzar hores complementàries tant els treballadors a temps parcial de forma indefinida com els temporals.

Únicament serà necessari que la jornada ordinària establerta en el contracte no sigui inferior a 10 hores setmanals.

A més, s’amplia el límit d’hores complementàries, fixant-lo al 30% de les hores ordinàries i es redueix el termini de preavís de 7 a 3 dies.

For example, suppose you have a form where users must enter an email address.

Using a regular expression, you could test whether the format of the email address is valid before using the email address; if the email address doesn't have a valid format, you can ask the user to re-enter it.

This was especially true with first 24 hour production up to 1,050 barrels.

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