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The report of daily truck destinations also reveals that the volume of New Jersey deliveries ranks the home state as eighth in demand for Garden state potatoes. Otto, president of the New Jersey Natural Gas company, reported that tho local company has filed with the Board of Public Utility Commissioners a purchase gas adjustment clause similar to that in effect in other companies in the state. 1, No exceptions to the age requirements for entrance will be made, stated Dr. Reade said, on furnishing programs, of interest to housewives, local businessmen, farmers, the egg and ashing Industries, local schools and churches and vacationers. Thfe rate of Incidence has been greater In some years than In others and it has varied erably in different geographlca areas. There Is no sclcntiflt basis on which incidence can be forecast. RE ASBURY PARK LONG BRANCH KEYPORT FREEHOLD TOMS RIVER N«w 17" RCA Vidor Modtl 17S349 NOW/ tva BIG Screen Mode/s 17", 2 1", 27" screen sizes! new finishes a set for every home, every decor, every budget!

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Park Lamborn statedhe thought the matter "needs a little thought." Councilman W. Hours of registration are tho same as for the high school. Parents of kindergarten children should take their childs birth certificate to the office. Appointments with the guidance director may be made by telephone, he added. Mualo for tho pot pnrndc, which will follow tho pot allow, will bo pro- vldod by tho Jumosburg Stato Homo for Boys band, Thoro will bo a chance for junior cow boys nnd girls lo rldo ponlc.i, nonllo rid- Ing horfkid nnd a ildlntf donkoy, In addition to pony cart rides. Polio is usually spread by personto person contacts.. matter, of fact, there, re,klnds of polio virus thfct-eause the disease, All three! Identical clinical symptoms, but in fectlon"toyone -type will not rcsul In-Immunity against cither, ot.,the others. for the period was 25 cases per 100,000 population or an average each year throughout the country of one person In every 4,000.

Dinsmore Banks reported that 64 per cent of the boroughs taxes had been collected through July as compared to 60 per cent for last year. Cartmoll pointed out the figure represents the highest average for four year. Mary ORourke, tax collector, for "an excellent record." Southern States Buy New Jersey Potatoes TRENTON-Markcts in Southern states are proving to be important outlets for Now Jersey potatoes again this season, according to the State Department of Agriculture, Although large shipments to Pennsylvania rank that state as the best customer to date for the crop of Garden state potatoes now being harvested, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio are also listed as heavy buyers. New pupils in the kindergarten and grades one through six should enroll In their fchool r.onc, said Dr. At least one parent should accompany the child to the office of the school principal who will register children Tuesday afternoon, Sept. To enter kindergarten, a child must be five years old by Nov. There is no need for pupils In the ninth grade from the sonding districts who were registered last spring to report until Wednesday, Sept. Ynrd goods, hilc-n-hmn nnd Humorous other Horns will ho oflorod In thn trash nnd Ironsuri booth nnd fnrm product), liomo-mntlo food* nnd canned tood, Stress will be placed, Mr. There is no proof that water, Insects,,iood or sewage are responsible for epidemics. It cannot be foretold with accuracy how many persons will be stricken with polio in any one year or In any one locality. Public Health Service, the national yearly average In the U. The year 1952 witnessed the grcates Incidence of polio In recorded med leal history.

In 1949 at least 25,000 persons filed through the armory to look at the many exhibits which took exhibitors the better part of the w«*k to set up.», flan Innovation! Eatontown Farm Sold by Pandure EATONTOWN The Chaflln real estate and insurance agency here reports many sales since moving to its new offices on highway 35, south of the, Eatontown.traffic circle. Rowland, Sr., and Ellie Chamn arc partners in the agency. The firemen presented a basket of flowers and a gavel, with the years inscribed on it, to the auxiliary.

What makes tho exposition an important part of the Red Bank community is its drawing power. Almgrcn of the Passaic, Bergen and Morris Funeral Directors association, and L. Rezem, president of the Middlesex-Somerset association. The State association convention will be held Sept. v The Monmouth and Ocean county group will hold its next meeting Oct. Circus at Fair Haven For Benefit of Church FAIR HAVEN Hunt Bros, circus will nppcar hero today undor tho auspices of tho Chapel of tho Holy \Communlon, Performances will bo glvon on tho Van Horn proporty, Hance id., at Third it,, at t fi, m, and 8 p, m, Among the featured acts this year arc Billy Barton, norlallst; trained elophants, Including Jewel, largest perform Ing elephant In Amor Ion; Marvin and Hazel Cnao, tight wlroartldts: dnylo De Jllaklo, who head bnlnncos on a whirling trapeze bur; Lou Barton and his alx Palomino Llborty lioiaosj tho Sovon Conloyd, bnrobaclt riding ant: tho Ju Vgllnfc Baileys, and Phil WIHhi riding school, In addition to tho mnln ahow, Pran U fllron nnel hl«rodeo cornpuny will present a Wild Wont program featuring Jimmy Broslln, rodoo hand and movie etunl cowboy, Alao on tho program will bo tho oomblned ulroua monngorle and aldo ahow and a klddlo whip rldo for youngaton. Harriet Knapp and children Doris, Linda, Raymond, and Ronnie of Slate Hill, N.

Jack Schwartz, Highlands grammar school music teacher, is director,. This year, however, only 82 are being leased, the reason being that one section of the armory which had been used in the past is no longer accessible. Buckley, Asbury Park, trustee for one year, and Joseph R. Gilday Freeman, Freehold, trustees for three years. In the insurance field, they represent a number of com panics.

That years trade show had 98 booths, and the same number in 1950, which Includes charity and community exhibits which arc free. Torcn, county physician and an honorary member of the association. Both are licensed realtors and members of the Monmouth County Board of Realtors, New Jersey association of Real Estate boards and the National association of Real Est tate boards. Gary Stecki Is vacationing for one week at the home of his grandparents, Mr.

Authority Seeks Nine Properties FREEHOLD The New Jersey Highway authority last week filed nine more condemnation suits to acquire properties, in Monmouth county needed for the Garden State parkway. Lawrence Le- Valley of 128 Monroe ave., Shrewsbury, recently transferred to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 188th Airborne Infantry Regiment, where he has filled the p* sltlon of Schools NCO for the regiment, it has been announced in th? He completed, the rugged three-week parachutists course at Fort Benning, Ga., in June, During his tour of duty he was graduated from a low speed Radio Operators Course In July, 1952, and a course on explosive ordnance reconnasance in May, 1953, both at Fort Campbell, Kt. Beatrice Henry, 38 Fisher pi., was injured Sunday night in a freak accident, while walking on Monmouth st. The Board of Public Utility Commissioners has fixed the date - of hearing with respect to the aforesaid filinq as Auqust 31, 1953, at A. at the Boards offices located at 1060 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey.

farm*, country matt mil bullulnn, iilitlni or lirm tiijr inrmint llbin iceipublt nroiihllii, Jon... Aimer,, Ri Mwri, Mortaaft P«- mint, fhem nil 1.04U. Other committee chairmen will be announced at the opening meeting, Sept. Rotarians Help n the Fight Against Polio lied Bank Club Launches Program of Community Education The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis has invited the Red Bank Rotary club to join in nation-wide campaign to bring it the facts In the fight against po- Professor Gregg Hibbs, president if the Red Bank Rotary club and iiiporvislng principal of the Red 3ank public schools, has solicited he co-operation of The Register in ils campaign ae community eduition is recognized as the most Effective weapon yet devised in the fight against infantile paralysis.

The appeal charges the planning board permitted the sub-division Feb. It points out that under the zoning ordinance a minimum frontage of 150 feet Is required in that zone and that the frontage may be either -on the road or the river. Moran contends there is not enough frontage on either to permit a subdivision with a 150-foot frontage on both plots, except by the means used by the owner. Foremost (scientific and medical men arc devoting every possible effort to a study of the control of polio.

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