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Ramsey still heats up our screen with his enthralling acting, his wonderful eloquence and his classy looks9) Gideon Okeke: From Big Brother Nigeria, to Tinsel and now lead actor in cinema-bound movies.

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Even if we quit sailing, stopped making videos and locked ourselves in a room somewhere, we still couldn’t reply to everyone.

Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Celebrities / Sexiest Nollywood Actors (Photos) (123727 Views) Kunle Afolayan Reconciles Veteran Yoruba Actors (Photos) / Sexiest Nollywood Actors In 2017 (Photos) / Top 25 Sexiest Nollywood Actresses(photos) (2) (3) (4) As we all know, Nollywood has emerged from what it used to be-an industru for Nigerians, by Nigerians and of Nigerians- that was mostly full of shiit.

With a myriad of roles and a sizeable portfolio, Chris has the talent to storm Hollywood as we hear he has ...don't look forward to seeing him go anytime soon though 1) OC Ukeje: *drum roll*...the number one heart-throb is the one and only, AMBO Golden Boy, The James Bond of Nigeria, our very own Marlboro man... His acting is as flawless as his looks and charm, his expressions say 'come get it bae'...whether he's a hustler, a man torn between two ladies, a man with dreams and obstructions, a smart ass detective, an activist, or even a waka pass, OC is every producer's moneybag and every girl's dream..bad he's taken.

We will have to settle for seeing him on our screens, we wouldn't have him anywhere else Ermmm........ All the guys on the list are more handsome then him! All the guys on the list are more handsome then him!

Chris is all that is sinfully sexy, captivatingly classy, and hopelessly handsome.

We bless the gods for providing this wonderful specimen of man that keeps us glued to our screens with his Oscar-worthy acting and chiselled features.Jim Iyke may not be a constant in the movie world anymore due to the huge success of his reality show, he always gives us a great account of himself whenever he shows up.We all still love him with his fake yankee accent and all and he remains a good reason to see any movie7) Joseph Benjamin: There's just something about this guy, from his looks to his voice and carriahe that makes us think of French wine and Frank Sinatra, he's just IT.I don't think it's so much his looks per say, but carriage.The only guys on this list that can go neck-and-neck with him are Chris Attoh, Blossom and Majid.To what it is now- an industry filled with (West) Africans, by (West) Africans and for (West Africans) Back in the day, we had eye candies like Ramsey Noah, Chidi Mokeme, Saint Obi, Desmond Elliot, RMD, Muna Obiekwe, Zack Orji, Nonso Diobi, Charles Okafor, JT Tom-West, Emeka Enyiocha and Emeka Ike to mention a few, who got women swooning and itching for a new release.

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