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Here is the compilation of all the import stamps I can find on Commercial Chinese SKS variants. If you have a Commercial Chinese import stamp that isn't shown here, please post up a photo and I'll add it here.

During the Cold War period, the Type-56 was exported to many countries and guerrilla forces throughout the world.

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The People's Liberation Army still used the Type 56 as its standard weapon during this time as well.

Thus, Chinese and Vietnamese forces fought each other using the same rifle.

Type 56S-1 (left), Type-84S (center), and Type-56S (right).

Note that the Type 56 rifles in this image have been fitted with the distinctive slant compensator of the AKM, a feature not found on the original Type 56 Originally, the Type-56 was a direct copy of the AK-47's final iteration, the AK-49, and featured a milled receiver, Starting in the mid-1960s, the guns were manufactured with stamped receivers much like the Soviet AKM.

Many of these rifles found their way to battlefields in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East and were used alongside other Kalashnikov pattern weapons from both the Soviet Union as well the Warsaw Pact nations of Eastern Europe.

Chinese support for the Democratic Republic of Vietnam before the mid-1960s meant that the Type-56 was frequently encountered by American soldiers in the hands of either Vietcong guerrillas or PAVN soldiers during the Vietnam war.

In the mid-1980s, Sri Lanka began to replace their L1A1 Self-Loading Rifles (SLR) and HK G3s with the Type 56.

Currently, the fixed stock, under-folding stock and side-folding stock variants are all issued.

Visually, most versions of the Type 56 are distinguished from the AK-47 and AKM by the fully enclosed hooded front sight (all other AK pattern rifles, including those made in Russia, have a partially open front sight).

Many versions also feature a folding bayonet attached to the barrel just aft of the muzzle.

This was done in conjunction with their purchasing of large number of AKMs from Eastern Europe.

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