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Today, U-Haul is one of the largest moving and storage companies in the US, with revenue in 2006 of more than billion. Answer 1: The phone number for U-Haul is (602) 263-6011. When i moved in no one was there to see the contents of my unit.(puzzling) I know. The only person to see the content was a uhaul employee who had to remove the uhaul lock on the unit so that i could gain access to the unit.

From the looks of it the only way my unit could be access is from a skeleton key. I was robbed of over ,000 worth of electronic equipment.

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I paid a compliment to a young girl with long hair. I rented a pickup truck and the guy at the counter circle between 1/8 and over 1/4 when he handed me the gass report. Me trusting the guy did not pay attention but on getting into the truck I latter realised that the existing gas neddle or pointedr was not correct. I returned the truck sameday at seven I was told drop the keys at the hole. I said I used it the previous week for the same activity and charges were $64.

The girl looked at me as if I was tryng to touch her andd rudely said dont touch my hair. Once my car was near ready I was told to go to either of two cashiers. Was offered $25 refund for the 2 hours of cleaning in Reno. Next day I wanted to pay cash and was told contract closed and credit card charges holds. I said I gased the truck to over 1/8 which was the true mark and the guy was disingenious when he used a circle instead of a line to indicate the true mark of existing gas and I was suppose to restore. They showed me the truck that was used there was no gas inputted so this was an avenue to decieve the public.

U-Haul was founded by Leonard Shoen in 1945 in Ridgefield, Washington.

Shoen built rental trailers in his garage and partnered with gas stations to rent them.

I filed a police report only for them to tell me that there are no signs of forced entry so it not much they can do. Companies don’t get involved until people start picketing /it happened to several people/or it hit the media and then try to provide damage control.

How long before the other customer come in and check their unit only to find the lock in untouched and items missing? I like to follow the chain of command and give any issue the opportunity to be resolved. My unit was accessed with no signs of forced entry BUT someone got in my unit. Reply I made the mistake of calling the U-Haul Trailer Hitch Super Center of Santa Rosa. I will never use them again nor will I recommend anyone else to use U-Haul’s services ever.

She stated there was nothing else that she could do for me that the truck I did reserve can be picked up at am.

About and hour later Eric Bermudez returned my call.

My life was in that locker just about everything i had left(2 computers valued at over 00 with customer information on it) TVs, projector and screen, my clothes shoes and aquarium and several totes.

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