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Bill talks to Jessica in her bedroom to put her fears about him to rest, and after returning to his room, he sees Lilith (and three other nude and blood-covered vampire sirens like her), who appear to enter his body.Warlow manages to break through the dimensional barrier and enter Bon Temps.

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The next morning, Sookie is late for work and helps an injured stranger, named Ben, who is revealed to be another fairy-halfling.

At the bar, Arlene is kept busy by Terry in explaining to Patrick's pregnant wife how he has left her.

It is also the first season not to be primarily based on the corresponding novel in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series (in this case Definitely Dead), instead taking elements from multiple books in the series.

Picking up right where Season 5 ended, Sookie, Eric, Jason, Jessica, Nora, Pam and Tara flee the Authority compound after Bill's reincarnation.

However, once she discovered that Ben is Warlow, a fae-vamp hybrid, she freaked out and tried to blast him with her light.

While she was cautious, she ultimately decided that he’s safe and she even untied him (in faerie land) — and had sex with him — in Episode 6.

Sam, Luna, and Emma also escape from Authority headquarters, though Luna dies from her injuries, entrusting Sam to take care of Emma.

Meanwhile, Louisiana Governor Trueman Burrell declares war on vampires, but also secretly partners with a Japanese rep to manufacture Tru Blood. troopers arrive and shoot Tara, after announcing all Vampire businesses are closed.

Sookie meets the grandfather, who teachers her how to focus her light defensively.

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