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Rajapaksa greenlighted the project, then boasted in a news release that he had defied all caution — and that China was on board.

You should exercise vigilance and avoid all demonstrations or large political gatherings. The England men’s cricket team is playing 5 ODIs, a T20 match and 3 Test matches in a tour of Sri Lanka during October and November 2018. See Visas Most visits to Sri Lanka are trouble-free.

If you’re travelling to Sri Lanka for the tour, check our dedicated information and advice page for fans alongside this travel advice. However, you should be aware of the risk of sexual assault, spiked drinks, road accidents, drowning due to dangerous tides and credit card fraud.

HAMBANTOTA, Sri Lanka — Every time Sri Lanka’s president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, turned to his Chinese allies for loans and assistance with an ambitious port project, the answer was yes.

Yes, though feasibility studies said the port wouldn’t work.

From the start, officials questioned the wisdom of a second major port, in a country a quarter the size of Britain and with a population of 22 million, when the main port in the capital was thriving and had room to expand.

Feasibility studies commissioned by the government had starkly concluded that a port at Hambantota was not economically viable.“They approached us for the port at the beginning, and Indian companies said no,” said Mr. “It was an economic dud then, and it’s an economic dud now.”But Mr.But it was during a more recent conflict — Sri Lanka’s brutal 26-year civil war with ethnic Tamil separatists — that China became indispensable. Rajapaksa, who was elected in 2005, presided over the last years of the war, when Sri Lanka became increasingly isolated by accusations of human rights abuses.Under him, Sri Lanka relied heavily on China for economic support, military equipment and political cover at the United Nations to block potential sanctions. Rajapaksa’s tenure, the president and his three brothers controlled many government ministries and around 80 percent of total government spending.Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka’s escalating political crisis turned deadly on Sunday when the bodyguard of a former cabinet minister fired on a crowd, killing at least one person and wounding two others, the police said.It called for a limited opening for business in 2010, and for revenue to be coming in before any major expansion.

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