Updating name on passport

(: The Birth Register or Birth cetificate cannot be amended as mentioned earlier).Other than the Deed Poll, please follow the above procedures for changing of name in the passport.If you are notifying us of a change to your sex and/or gender information, please provide one of the following as evidence of your sex and/or gender: Note: We can accept scanned, photographed or electronically signed completed forms.

Please note that for the child, the Deed Poll must be executed by a parent (or legal guardian) and the consent of the other parent must be sought for the change of name.

Both parents will have to sign to acknowledge consent.

If you have already lodged your visa or citizenship application, and we have not made a decision, you can update your information using Form 1022 - Notification of Changes in Circumstances (77KB PDF) and send the form to the area processing your application.

If you want to renew your passport using the simplified renewal process, your passport must be valid for less than 12 months.

However, you may submit a renewal application even if your current passport is valid for more than 12 months if: Include a letter explaining your reason for renewal with your application.

If you have changed your name, you should apply for a new passport using the adult general application form.

You must notify us of a change in address if you have an undecided application and you intend to change your residential address for 14 days or more.

You should advise us of a change of contact details including your email address while you hold a visa. You should advise us of a change of passport details if you currently hold a visa, as your visa is associated with your passport.

By law, Alteration of Child's Name in the Birth Register cannot be done if the child is 12 months old or more.

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