Vegan dating non vegan

Nearly every week new vegan options are popping up in my supermarket, making it even easier for those of us outside the United States to not feel deprived. Ask them to watch a documentary with you As I said earlier, what someone eats is a personal thing.

We connect food to our childhood, happy memories, our cultural identity.

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An omnivore may think giving up meat or dairy means changing who they are.

Additionally, many people do not realize the Standard American Diet, which has spread to many other countries including mine, is detrimental to their health.

By exposing your loved one to documentaries like What the Health, Earthlings or the Netlflix movie Okja, it can help open their eyes to the benefits of veganism. Don’t expect change overnight When you become vegan, it’s understandable to get angry when others around you do not become immediately enlightened and give up meat and dairy.

Some people will make a connection right away once they start eating plant-based meals and see how much better they feel.

It can be tricky navigating a vegan/non-vegan relationship and unless done tactfully, the differences can create a wedge.

And because vegans are a minority, many of us plant-based eaters will end up dating or marrying an omnivore. Although he doesn’t cook often, and actually loves most of my vegan meals, there are times when I can’t cook for him and he makes a meat or dairy laden meal for himself. My kitchen is not vegan because my boyfriend sometimes chooses to purchase meat, eggs and dairy.He said he feels like a fake vegan because he's dating someone that doesn't adhere to his lifestyle. I'm dating a non-vegan (who is vegan-curious but I'm giving her info when she wants but not pressing her). Relationships and lifestyle choices are 2 independentthings..My ex-gf was vegetarian for 20 years, dated and lived with me for 6 years when I was omni. It's nice to be with someone with the same values but one of those values is respect for one to follow their own path in their own time.If the person you are with is frequently pushing you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with and not respecting your boundaries, then it is time to reevaluate the relationship.

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