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Don’t worry, they’re not ripping off Match, they just share the same lineage. Should you use Dating Direct to meet other singles? Final Word on Dating Direct Dating Direct is a powerful dating site.

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In our testing, creating, proofreading and polishing a complete profile took us approximately 25 minutes.

On the paid version of Dating Direct, the search function is very thorough.

This is the case with a dating site known as Dating The free version, however, will give you an opportunity to scroll around and get a feel for the site.

First thing first — there is no mobile app for Dating Direct.

Yes, it's slightly convoluted and complex, but if you can afford it and want an advantage, it may merit consideration. users at least, we rate it as having GOOD POTENTIAL, but NOT IDEAL.

Overall, we rate Dating Direct as VERY GOOD in terms of functionality. Like any industry that has undergone over two decades of incredible growth and maturity, the online dating industry has its own set of distinct leaders. share a nearly identical platform, functionality, features and even have joint ventures established that allows for both companies to share algorithm technology and user-based interconnectivity, each is still a freestanding entity. You start by entering your gender and the gender of the match that you are seeking on the welcome page. Following that, you will be redirected to a series of information boxes where you must submit your location, select a username and password, and a valid email.When we submitted our own questions, the approval process ranged from as fast as 20 minutes, to as long as two days. It also allows you to save time in filtering your potential matches.With the answers that you receive, you can get a better idea if the person is truly compatible with you.As we stated above, you cannot do much with the free version.In order to get the most out of Dating Direct, you will need a paid subscription.It allows for different sites, each customized for a particular dating niche or region, to take advantage of the technological muscle and creative matchmaking algorithms that can only come from a larger company. This will send you to the member’s area as a free user.

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